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Dovetail Joint Gives Back To Their Community

Dovetail Joint Gives Back To Their Community

This was a fun project to be involved in. I am so lucky. When I was asked by Tony Torres of Tony Torres Interiors, to volunteer for the 2011 Denver Designer Show House and Boutique, benefiting The Children’s Hospital, I said yes without hesitation. The Children’s Hospital has done so much for the Denver area including my Son. When my son Connor was born we found out he had congenital cataracts and glaucoma. And through the help of the wonderful team of Doctors at the hospital he is a very healthy young man who just graduated from college, has a job and a girlfriend. Yes I am Proud of Connor!……Enough about my awesome son.

So 25 of Denver’s most talented Designers had the opportunity to show there stuff in the historic Cowperthwaite Home at 1625 E 3rd Ave in the Denver Country Club neighborhood. Each of the designers got a room to design and what a job they did!

My team was the first to start and the first to finish our part. Yes we completed a head of schedule and under budget. So we started out working with Tony Torres and just couldn’t say “no” to five other designers that we met when they saw our work and wanted to use our skilled craftsmen.

For a small donation you could tour the estate. The Designers had paintings for sale throughout the beautifully decorated home. There was a play house custom built and auctioned off. A boutique set up in the garage with neat things for all.

I look forward to the 2012 Denver Designer Show House. I hope to see you there.

Owners as General Contractors and Other Ethics Problems

Owners as General Contractors and Other Ethics Problems

Everyone wants a good deal and everyone is aware of the devastation the recession inflicted on the residential construction industry.  Armed with “facts” from the Internet, some Owners believe that any contractor still standing is weakened and can be easily taken advantage of.   Or because the Owner watches “Do it Yourself” TV shows that makes them able to manage their own projects and become General Contractors.

So if you can produce and read construction drawings from a licensed Engineer and Architect, get those plans approved by the City so you can get a permit, buy and store all your construction materials on the jobsite in a manner so nobody gets hurt (it is your liability insurance now and your homeowners insurance will not cover you), know all applicable building codes for all the trades and know how and when to prove that to the City inspectors, then by all means, be your own General Contractor.

Most Owners don’t even try to be their own General Contractor, but they may not be aware of the “rules of engagement” when they are talking to General Contractors that are bidding their job.  Most General Contractors will provide the Owner with a limited estimate (rough order of magnitude) for free.  Owners must understand that these estimates are confidential and should never be shared in whole or in part to competing bidders.  Home Improvement shows say “go get at least three estimates”, but they don’t tell you what to do with them when you get them.  Most of the time you will get three different prices from three different scopes and the prices are all over the map, so the Owner’s eyes cross when they are trying to compare the bids apples to apples so they just give up and award the bid to the low guy who will now increase the price of the job considerably so your job starts out cheap and ends expensive.

General Contractors are professionals and they don’t want to play these stupid games, but the Owners need to take responsibility for their role in this.  Good Contractors stake their reputations on doing quality work for a fair price.  Their business depends on referrals, so quality work really does matter.  Building quality projects is not cheap, but good General Contractors will build your dream that will last a lifetime.







"OUTSTANDING!!!! Dan called before coming out and was excellent! Dan did more investigating on our bathroom leak than an inspector and a plumber that came out 2x. Dan was friendly, experienced, and extremely helpful. My family is an Army Family and he wouldnt except payment for his time. Have referred Dan to our realtor and to anyone who is looking for a contractor. Dan will be the 1st we call if we ever have an issue again." Susan F. in Aurora, CO "Dan went above and beyond in every way. He came out on a holiday since we work during the week and were in a time crunch. He then gave us multiple project options to fit our budget (this was a major repair we were not expecting). He scheduled immediately and always returned calls promptly. The day of the job, I accidentally forgot to leave the door unlocked for him and his team had to wait for 30 min for me to let them in. They were kind, understanding and professional. The final product absolutely exceeded my expectations. I've never had such a great experience with a home professional. Every $ well spent. Will definitely use again!" Philip I. in Denver, CO "He managed to deal with of a lot of changes and unexpected turns and handled it well. Very through even though I had to go out of state and have them completed in my absence. Great to deal with and very accommodating." Tim L. in Larksber, CO "Excellent management, excellent subcontractors, excellent communications and understanding needs; reasonable pricing. DJC executed a very challenging addition project to our home and the results were fantastic. Very easy to work with and at the same time, very professional. Would recommend at any time." Detlef K. in Aurora, CO "Great, they knew I had a tight window for this project, and everything hinged on them getting their part done first. They adjusted their schedule to by a couple of days to help make my project fit in the timeline I was working in. The work was great, fixed a dip[ in my floor, and other contractors were able to come in behind them on schedule." Jarod T. in Aurora, CO "Project was started and finished on time. Professional, experienced subs. Contractor was very responsive to questions, phone calls and our needs. Extremely happy with the results of our project." Mr. and Mrs. L. in Arvada, CO "It was wonderful to come home from work and see the work done and the mess always cleaned up! How professional. Also, when they were laying the concrete they did something very special. When my husband made the comment that the concrete would be dry before he got the grandkids here to do their hand prints - Dovetail made a box of concrete so grams, papa and grandbabies were able to put their hands in and date it! How considerate and special! Thank you Dovetail!!" Woody B. in Denver, CO "Excellent service. Project was finished in a timely manner. I would hire again." Frank Q. in Lakewood, CO "Work was excellent! Everyone in the crew were very professional and cleaned up after themselves. I would reccommend Dovetail Joint Construction Cpmpany to anyone without hesitation." Skip L. in Aurora, CO "Very Professional. Either Dan or Aaron could have supervised the project. Project accomplished in the time frame (two weeks) promised, and we have no complaints." Romney B. in Centennial, CO "I would highly recommend Dovetail Joint Construction. He is responsive and dedicated to completing a quality job. His patience was greatly appreciated with the many questions and concerns I expressed to him continually over the project. I will definitely call them for any future work I have at my house." Jay W. in Denver, CO